Jacob's CHAOS (Computer Hardware And Original Software)

Jacob's CHAOS was founded on February 2, 2001 by Jacob A. Dempsey, and operates under Alaska Business License Number 416452.

"The idea for Jacob's CHAOS was conceived while I was working for the University of Alaska Anchorage. At the time the department in which I worked was the one stop shop for any computer problem. There were three of us with slightly different skill sets that complimented each other very well. It was a fast pace and very enjoyable environment. However, we could see a divided work environment approaching. So, I decided to make a one-stop shop for the private sector. Which has proven to be a wonderful experience, and Jacob's CHAOS was born."

I chose the name for three reasons. In no particular order:

  • A few of the users that I assisted thought that computers and the network were chaotic. On slow days we enjoyed talking to them about their computer frustrations as well as just about anything else under the sun. From some of our conversations I believe that they'd have been quite happy to be using typewriters again.
  • I liked the acronym that was formed 'computer hardware and original software'. I work on computers, servers, and networks 'computer hardware'. And, I write programs, scripts, and macro's 'original software'.
  • At times keeping up with the changes in computer technology can be chaotic. You have to love learning to work in a shop like this."
I have a background in computer science and mathematics, and have a love for creativity and art.