Jacob's CHAOS (Computer Hardware And Original Software)

Web Development

Jacob's CHAOS is here to meet all of your web development needs including:
  • CGI programming and scripting
  • cross browsers HTML coding, layout, and maintenance
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP, Perl, and SQL for database driven web sites
  • graphics art design
  • Java applets
  • CGI's in C/C++: programming and maintenance
  • CGI's in Perl: scripting and maintenance
  • PHP scripting and maintenance
  • JavaScript: scripting and maintenance
  • Java: programming and maintenance

I will create custom web sites from very simple static web pages to complex database driven sites.

I can host your site starting at $6 per month, or you can use your existing hosting service as long as they support the functionality that you require. If your server needs upgrades to support functionality you desire, I am pleased to offer that service as well.

I will upgrade or overhaul your current web site.

I will write custom CGI's for you in Perl, C/C++, or PHP. Perl and PHP allow for the fastest development time. While C/C++ has the best run time performance.

I offer custom graphics design for logo's and web site components.

Projects may be billed by contract or an hourly rate of $120.00 per hour. Long term hourly contracts are also available. For more information please give me a call (907)929-4999 or e-mail me Jacobs@JacobsCHAOS.com